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In recent years, the frequency and severity of cyberattacks have increased dramatically. As a result, companies of all sizes are at risk, and the stakes are high – a successful attack can lead to data breaches, loss of customer trust, financial damage, and more. Given the risks, companies must improve their cyber security measures.


Here are five cybersecurity measures your business can put in place to improve security:


Educate your employees on cyber security threats and how to avoid them


IT Consultancy offers various solutions to help businesses educate employees on cybersecurity threats and how to avoid them. From simple online tutorials to more comprehensive IT seminars, IT Consultancy can tailor a program suited to your business needs – providing the appropriate level of understanding among employees and implementing the best practices for secure internet use. In addition, with IT Consultancy’s expertise, businesses can ensure that their staff are up-to-date and well-equipped with the know-how to protect against cybersecurity vulnerabilities.


Install a firewall and anti-virus software on all company computers


IT Support can help ensure your company is secured against cyber threats and data breaches by installing firewalls and anti-virus software on all its computers. Firewalls act as a barrier between your computer network and potential security threats.


At the same time, anti-virus software detects, blocks, and removes malicious programs to ensure your system is always up to date with the most secure solutions available. Together, these measures ensure that your business remains safe and secure from malicious actors.


Create strong passwords for all accounts and change them regularly


Protecting your personal information and accounts in this day and age is essential. One of the best ways to do that is by creating strong passwords and changing them regularly. A strong password should include at least 8 characters, combining uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.


Avoid using words that are easy to guess, such as your name or address, or commonly used passwords, such as “12345678” or “password”. To ensure safety against data breaches, changing your password frequently is essential – every 3-4 months is ideal. These simple steps can greatly reduce your risk of stealing or compromising your personal information.


Limit access to sensitive data to only those who need it


GDPR has outlined the steps organizations need to take to ensure that sensitive data remains secure. One of these key steps is limiting access to such information only to those who need it to carry out their duties. Only some people should have unrestricted access, as we need to lower the risk of external threats and internal data breaches.


A streamlined approach ensures the right individuals have access to their rights, thereby providing protection and peace of mind. GDPR succinctly explains how organizations should handle personal user data while maintaining confidentiality by keeping access only to those requiring it for required functions.


Regularly back up all important data in case of a breach


Keeping your data safe is more important now than ever before. A key part of protecting it is regularly backing up your important information – documents, photos, and other files that have value to you or your business – in case of a breach.  This way, if something happened and the data were somehow lost or stolen, you’d still have a separate copy stored securely elsewhere to help you recover quickly. Besides local backups with external drives or cloud services, using encryption technologies and multi-factor authentication can also be powerful tools for keeping your data secure.




Keeping your company secure and data safe is a primary concern for any business owner. Educating your employees on cyber security threats and how to prevent them from occurring can make all the difference. Installing a firewall and anti-virus software will help keep malicious actors out of your system and limit access to sensitive information only to those who need it.


In addition to putting security measures in place, regularly creating strong passwords and changing them routinely will also provide an extra level of protection against cyber criminals. Finally, backing up essential data frequently is imperative in the event of a breach or other failure to reduce downtime, minimize costs, and ensure that vital information is not lost.


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